With over seventeen - years of experience we have been committed to provide our customers AND LOCAL MANIFUCTURES a wide range of CONSTRUCTION products of a high quality and competitive prices in order to meet their full satisfaction.,.
Amo Company is one of the leading companies in IRAQ. For CONSTRUCTION AND RADING, the Company has an excellent reputation and cooperating with a large number of manufacturers and suppliers IN IRAQ. We are engaged in importing & distributing innovative materials, in addition to all these products, we can provide our big customers with private label for most products or work very closely with them to develop special products to meet their specifications.

Future Vision

At Amo, we want to contribute to creating a healthy living environment. Everyone wants to breathe clean air, live in a nice neighborhood, enjoy beautiful nature, work in a good workplace, travel safely from A to B and come home healthy at the end of the day.

That is why we at Amo invest in providing innovative materials and install new idea to our projects such as housing and roads.

Amo has a strong, in-depth and rich construction background at the local level. As part of its operations, the company relies on its own resources and the capacity available to it to comply with any construction project of any kind and at whatever level.

At present, the company's activities in the construction field include the following: •

Civil engineering & Structural constructions

Heating & Cooling System

Renewable Energy

Sewage & Drinking water stations



Agriculture and Healthy Food

At Amo, we believe that food and drink play an essential role in solving society's major challenges. It makes an important contribution to a healthy lifestyle; it connects people with each other and contributes to a better climate and thus a sustainable society. That is why we at Amo have a mission:

Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food